MassRoots Review


“420 Stands are fantastic products and the team is unmatched in customer service and overall kindness. The MassRoots team has been lucky enough to try out a few of the different stands. Personally, as an avid /r/trees subscriber, the pineapple stand has been my favorite. It fits the male pieces of both of my bongs (14mm and 18mm) perfectly.

I am a clumsy, uncoordinated person and many a bong has met its fate at my hands. However, the 420 Stands give me the perfect setup for packing the bowl without risking the life of my prized possessions.

I’ve got a huge amount of respect for the entire 420 Stands team for making awesome products and offering them at affordable prices. I can’t wait to see how far this company goes, and what kind of stand they think of next!”

-Hyler Fortier

Co-Founder and COO of MassRoots, Inc.


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