Unfortunately we no longer make stands quite as described below but people enjoy the story of how we started so here it is, unchanged, for you…

It’s pretty awesome. We give ourselves credit because those who have seen the process just say, “Damn.”

Pack a bowl and lets get nerdy because it goes a little something like this:
We start out with a 3d model on the computer, drafted by our “highly skilled” (usually just high) designer. That model is then brought to life by our 3d printer. Owning this 3d printer, coupled with the infinite skills of our designer, gives us the ability to do our own prototyping, (give us a call if you have an idea).


So, once that 3d printed piece is all cleaned up we give it to our dog, Moose, who brings it downstairs to this guy called the Mold Master. The Mold Master was here when we moved in, frankly, I don’t even know his real name, he’s just some guy in our basement that makes these 420 Stands all day, everyday. Anyway, I digress.


The Mold Master takes the 3d printed piece from Moose, and pours a negative mold of it. When the mold is ready to go, he creates your 420 Stand by hand mixing, dying, and glittering a plastic material he calls “liquid magic”. Then, with the grace of a white swan at daybreak, he tenderly fills each mold with this magical material.

A few hours later he pops them out, and boom, your stand is complete. The Master then sings a traditional Dutch nursery rhyme to each and every one, sending it off into the world with honor and dignity.


It goes something like this…

Uw vader houdt wacht   /  Your father keeps watch

Uw vader ziet teer   /  Your father looks tenderly

Op zijn kindeke neer   /  On his little child

Morgen vroeg, wees dan blij   /  Tomorrow morning, be glad

Ziet gij allereerst mij   /  Thee sees me first

Morgen vroeg, wees dan blij   /  Tomorrow morning, be glad

Ziet gij allereerst mij.   /  Thee sees me first.

That, my friends, is how it’s done- made with love, in our home, by a couple of doofs, Moose, and some guy in our basement. Thank you for visiting our website, and please contact us if you have any ideas. Seriously, we would love to hear them and bring them to life for you and fellow smokers alike!

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